“The Cheapest, Safest, and Most Effective Way to Enhance Your Appearance”

Okay, let’s have some #realtalk. Who doesn’t want to look better? If only we had the luxury of unlimited funds and guaranteed results… … but truth is, most of us don’t. So, how to we get the most bang for our buck? Of course, safety has to also be a key consideration. We’ve done some analysis this for you. Bear in mind, this is solely based on superficial beauty.


Makeup, Hair, Clothes

These are relatively cheap, safe, and effective beauty products that most women indulge in. Coming in myriad of different colours, styles and textures, these products offer a safe, flexible and non-permanent means of enhancing one’s appearance. Given their flexibility and ease of removal, makeup, hair and clothes can only shape the existing features we have – they are unable to change anything that is more than skin deep. All in all, they are still an excellent way to enhance one’s appearance.

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Braces & Teeth Whitening

While more expensive than makeup, orthodontic procedures offer safe, visible, and long-lasting results provided proper care is taken after the treatment. In the process of correcting teeth, braces are able to reshape faces as well. For example, the correction of under bites, overbites, and open bites leads to a better chin alignment and a more harmonious face shape. In addition, extracting teeth from an overcrowded mouth can lead to a slimmer face. The extent and availability of facial reshaping, though, is dependent on one’s existing teeth condition. However, braces and teeth whitening can assuredly create a radiant, well-aligned smile that is generally associated with attractiveness and confidence.

Fillers & Botox

These quick, non-invasive and semi-permanent, aesthetic procedures have been becoming a hot trend in recent years. While the results are almost immediate, the longevity of the effects (half a year to one year in most cases) makes it quite expensive in the long run. However, it is a great way to enhance one’s appearance quickly and relatively safely. Some view it as a good “preview” or “trial run” of the cosmetic surgeries they may be intending to do in the future.

Cosmetic & Surgery

This is perhaps the most expensive and highest risk procedure out of the lot, but it grants the most dramatic effects. The results of jaw shaving, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation and many other cosmetic surgery procedures are being showcased by some of our favourite Hollywood and Kpop stars. Cosmetic surgery is no doubt a means that grants substantial results. Nevertheless, due to the high level of complexity and risk involved, careful consideration should be exercised before undergoing such procedures.


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