Smile! You are beautiful!

This is what i truly believe in and i wish all my patients feel the same. I have to admit i am infatuated with smiles perhaps because of my profession.  I have been a dentist for more than a decade. Everyday in my clinic, I see patients from all walks of life, different age group from young children to the elderly, different races and working class, they may come to see me due to a toothache, cleaning or to have their teeth straightened.

At the end of their dental treatment, i look forward to the smile on their faces as they leave the clinic.  It is for this very reason of seeing the smiles on my patients that first embarked me on the journey of dentistry to create more beautiful smiles.

Shorten distance between strangers
A smile is a powerful tool. It is the shortest distance between two strangers. It has a favourable influence upon others and makes one likeable and more approachable. It is an important non-verbal cue in creating a successful first impression on a first job interview or date.

Smiling is natural
From the moment an infant is born, he is able to reciprocate love by his smile, a reflex after drinking milk. Such is the beauty of smile, a body language of love that forms the bond between the baby and his mother.

Smiling brings back memories
As a child, we all went through the ‘ugly duckling’ stage often depicted by pictures of toothy grin without our precious front teeth.  Looking back, those were the days we all enjoyed being ourselves without self-consciousness of beauty.

Smiling is part of our dress code
Adolescent is the phase we become more aware of how important one look, paying more attention to our dressing and appearance. I see many patients at this age group with parents requesting to straighten their teeth.  Interestingly, when i asked my patients why they wanted to have their teeth straighten, the most common answer is that they wish to have a beautiful smile.

Smiling shouldn’t be a lost art
Adults and beyond are often bogged down with pressures of life. Life would be sweeter if we could take time to smile at a stranger, our colleagues, our partner or our children. A simple smile can brighten up their day and makes you a more beautiful person inside and outside.  If you are not smiling due to a dental problem, why not make an appointment to see your regular dentist to restore your smile!

So go on, smile, you are beautiful!

Dr. Gwen Ho Chew Han