“Prep Your Teeth for a Great Selfie”

#1 Wet your teeth
This may sound weird, but it works wonders! The added layer of moisture reflects more light as compared to normal, giving teeth a shiny and gleaming appearance in photos.

#2 For whiter teeth, choose your lipstick colour carefully
Makeup artists recommend using blue-based red or pink lipstick shades to bring out the whiteness of teeth. Conversely, avoid coral, peach, or orange-based shades as these tend to bring out the yellow tint present in teeth.

#3 Smile according to your face, lip, and teeth shape
Each of us is blessed with unique features. According to our preferences, we can choose to downplay or highlight certain features through the way we smile.

Stylists often recommend makeup looks and hairstyle based on a client’s face shape to achieve a sense of balance and harmony, the same can be done for a smile. As the most versatile face shape, oval faces tend to suit any kind of smile. For those who want to make rounder faces appear longer, a wide smile can reduce facial wideness, and vice versa.

If you want to balance up a fuller upper lip, try smiling wider. A wide smile stretches the face and mouth muscles, making the upper lip appear thinner. If you want your lips to look fuller, smile more narrowly and only show the top row of your teeth – this gives your lips more room to shine.

Teeth play a part in facial appearance as well. Longer teeth accentuate the length of the face, making it appear slimmer and longer. Conversely, shorter teeth can make faces look wider and shorter. According to which aspect of your face you want to highlight and the shape of your teeth, show more or less of your teeth when you smile.

At i.Dental, we believe in “Designing smiles. Defining confidence.” A good set of teeth can help boost your confidence and contribute to a radiant smile! If you have any queries of dissatisfaction with your teeth, check out our e-consultation tool (bit.ly/e-consultation); your queries will be answered by our experienced dentists.