State Of The Art Equipment by Planmeca

A few weeks back, I took a week long trip to Helsinki in Finland to acquire the latest 3D Cone Beam CT(CBCT) X-ray Unit and Dental CADCAM from Planmeca.

Planmeca, which is established in 1971, is a Finnish manufacturer of high-tech dental equipment, dental software, and 3D digital imaging devices. Working in close co-operation with dental universities and institutions, Planmeca is one of the leading industries in their field.

I visited the Planmeca building to take a training course, and learnt how to use their advanced equipment.





Worldwide distribution warehousing area.

I was trained to use these new technologies that have patients’ comfort in mind. The devices are less restrictive in positing, allowing smoother experience for my patients.

Designed to fulfill the most diverse diagnostic needs of today’s maxillofacial and dental professionals, The latest CBCT imaging offers a vast amount of detailed anatomical information at a very low patient radiation dose. Ultra-low dosage protocol is unique to Planmeca, minimizing harmful rays as much as possible. They are also well known for their incredible ease of operation and exceptional patient comfort, offering easy access to those who are wheelchair bound or claustrophobic. With precise positioning, we are able to capture detailed 3D images quickly without over-exposing patients to radiation. With these state of the art technologies, patients at i.Dental can rest assured that they will be using only what is most beneficial for themselves.

img4 img5

The Planmeca trainer and I.

With the latest Planmeca CAD/CAM, we are able to deliver single crown, inlay and onlay, within the same visit. Easy and efficient to use, it offers highly detailed 3D imaging while ensuring maximum comfort. Using the Ultra-fast intraoral scanner, the process is powder-free, no mess and no hassle. A quick, comfortable diagnosis means we can get started on your treatment as quickly as possible.
img6 img7

State of the art milling units

I hope that these prestigious new technologies can offer my patients the utmost comfort and ease with every visit. After all, the patient’s comfort is the most important here at I.Dental, and we constantly strive to give you the very best of what is available for the most honest and comfortable treatment, all the time, every time.


CADCAM Crown and bridge training centre

Samples of what can be done with the Planmeca CAD/CAM


Dental unit of the past.

Old X-Ray Unit

The new units we will be using very soon!

Dr. Cheng Eng Wah