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Sheila Mandy’s Invisalign Journey with i.Dental

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To be continued


Sheila Mandy is currently undergoing her Invisalign treatment with Dr Cheng Eng Wah – top provider for Invisalign in Singapore.


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Prep Your Teeth for a Great Selfie

“Prep Your Teeth for a Great Selfie”

#1 Wet your teeth
This may sound weird, but it works wonders! The added layer of moisture reflects more light as compared to normal, giving teeth a shiny and gleaming appearance in photos.

#2 For whiter teeth, choose your lipstick colour carefully
Makeup artists recommend using blue-based red or pink lipstick shades to bring out the whiteness of teeth. Conversely, avoid coral, peach, or orange-based shades as these tend to bring out the yellow tint present in teeth.

#3 Smile according to your face, lip, and teeth shape
Each of us is blessed with unique features. According to our preferences, we can choose to downplay or highlight certain features through the way we smile.

Stylists often recommend makeup looks and hairstyle based on a client’s face shape to achieve a sense of balance and harmony, the same can be done for a smile. As the most versatile face shape, oval faces tend to suit any kind of smile. For those who want to make rounder faces appear longer, a wide smile can reduce facial wideness, and vice versa.

If you want to balance up a fuller upper lip, try smiling wider. A wide smile stretches the face and mouth muscles, making the upper lip appear thinner. If you want your lips to look fuller, smile more narrowly and only show the top row of your teeth – this gives your lips more room to shine.

Teeth play a part in facial appearance as well. Longer teeth accentuate the length of the face, making it appear slimmer and longer. Conversely, shorter teeth can make faces look wider and shorter. According to which aspect of your face you want to highlight and the shape of your teeth, show more or less of your teeth when you smile.

At i.Dental, we believe in “Designing smiles. Defining confidence.” A good set of teeth can help boost your confidence and contribute to a radiant smile! If you have any queries of dissatisfaction with your teeth, check out our e-consultation tool (; your queries will be answered by our experienced dentists.

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The Cheapest, Safest, and Most Effective Way to Enhance Your Appearance

“The Cheapest, Safest, and Most Effective Way to Enhance Your Appearance”

Okay, let’s have some #realtalk. Who doesn’t want to look better? If only we had the luxury of unlimited funds and guaranteed results… … but truth is, most of us don’t. So, how to we get the most bang for our buck? Of course, safety has to also be a key consideration. We’ve done some analysis this for you. Bear in mind, this is solely based on superficial beauty.

Makeup, Hair, Clothes

These are relatively cheap, safe, and effective beauty products that most women indulge in. Coming in myriad of different colours, styles and textures, these products offer a safe, flexible and non-permanent means of enhancing one’s appearance. Given their flexibility and ease of removal, makeup, hair and clothes can only shape the existing features we have – they are unable to change anything that is more than skin deep. All in all, they are still an excellent way to enhance one’s appearance.

Braces & Teeth Whitening

While more expensive than makeup, orthodontic procedures offer safe, visible, and long-lasting results provided proper care is taken after the treatment. In the process of correcting teeth, braces are able to reshape faces as well. For example, the correction of under bites, overbites, and open bites leads to a better chin alignment and a more harmonious face shape. In addition, extracting teeth from an overcrowded mouth can lead to a slimmer face. The extent and availability of facial reshaping, though, is dependent on one’s existing teeth condition. However, braces and teeth whitening can assuredly create a radiant, well-aligned smile that is generally associated with attractiveness and confidence.

Fillers & Botox

These quick, non-invasive and semi-permanent, aesthetic procedures have been becoming a hot trend in recent years. While the results are almost immediate, the longevity of the effects (half a year to one year in most cases) makes it quite expensive in the long run. However, it is a great way to enhance one’s appearance quickly and relatively safely. Some view it as a good “preview” or “trial run” of the cosmetic surgeries they may be intending to do in the future.

Cosmetic & Surgery

This is perhaps the most expensive and highest risk procedure out of the lot, but it grants the most dramatic effects. The results of jaw shaving, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation and many other cosmetic surgery procedures are being showcased by some of our favourite Hollywood and Kpop stars. Cosmetic surgery is no doubt a means that grants substantial results. Nevertheless, due to the high level of complexity and risk involved, careful consideration should be exercised before undergoing such procedures.


At i.Dental, we believe in “Designing smiles. Defining confidence.” If you are interested in sprucing up your teeth, check out our e-consultation tool ( or call 6323 2813 to schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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Show me your ‘gigi’!

Show me your ‘gigi’!

On 24 October 2015, we held our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event and invited a group of children from the Darul Ihsan Orphanage to i.Dental to learn all about oral hygiene and have their dental checkup. Our oral hygienists, Ms Leong Pei Qi and Ms Cecilia Goh took turns to educate the children on how to take care of their teeth and oral hygiene. They then demonstrated the proper way of brushing and flossing of teeth and how neglecting one’s teeth can lead to gum diseases.

The children then proceeded to a dental health checkup and routine treatment with our dentists. Some were pretty nervous as it was their first time visiting a dentist. Our dentists are trained to soothe and calm nervous children and distracted them by telling them stories and cracking a few jokes and in no time they were happily seated on the dental chair.  The checkups by our dentists were very helpful for the guardians as they now have a clearer idea of the kids’ current dental condition.

The kids had lots of fun posing for photos with the different props we prepared. Our staff also enjoyed themselves and were happily snapping photos with the children.

At the end of the event, they took home a goodie bag filled with many tasty snacks and useful stationaries! Overall, the event was well received by the home and children alike. It is our way of giving back to the society to help the less fortunate. Thank you Darul Ihsan Orphanage for spending the afternoon with us. It warms our hearts knowing that we have given the kids a fun-filled Saturday.

Remember to keeping smiling on!

P.S Some of the photos were blurred to protect the privacy of the residents from Darul Ihsan Orphanage. 

For more photos, please visit:


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How to choose a good dentist for Invisalign treatment?

1. Check Dentist/Clinic’s Accreditations





Any dentist can be an Invisalign provider as long as he/she has completed the training course offered by Align Technology. Among the providers, they are further classified into 7 different tier levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Elite, Diamond & Black Diamond. The Invisalign provider’s tier is dependent on the level of experience and the number of cases treated. The higher the status, the more cases they have treated!
Moreover, as the appointed flagship clinic for Invisalign treatment, be assured that the dentists and staff are all well-trained & experienced!

Hence, these accreditations can act as an indication of the dentist/clinic’s ability as they are more clinically advanced & are able to treat a wide range of cases.

2. Check Reputation

Good things speak for themselves! Ask around and hear from your friends & relatives about their experience with certain clinics in order to make an informed decision. With over 25 years of experience, we have successfully delivered both braces and Invisalign treatments to more than 10 000 patients!

3. Check Clinic’s Location

Is the clinic accessible by public transport? Is there only one branch? The great thing about choosing clinics with multiple branches is that you have the flexibility to visit different locations to receive your treatment. Of course, this depends on your dentist’s schedules!

4. Check Clinic’s Operating Hours

The operating hours of a clinic is very important. It would be difficult to find time to visit your dentist if you are busy with work during office hours from Monday to Friday and yet the clinic do not offer evening or weekend appointments. If you manage to find a clinic that suits your timing, good for you! However, remember that these slots are limited and popular hence be sure to make an appointment in advance and as much as possible, try not to reschedule!

If you would like to know more about Invisalign or make an appointment, feel free to call us at 6323 2813. We are just a phone call away!


The i.Dental Team


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My Invisalign Journey @ i.Dental

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Congratulations Eunice! Keep smiling on  
Eunice Annabel has completed her Invisalign treatment with Dr Cheng Eng Wah – top provider for Invisalign in Singapore.

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5 things only girls with crooked teeth will understand

5 things only girls with crooked teeth will understand


1) You try hard to pronounce certain words but the other party just couldn’t understand you.












Frustration & awkward silence…. That’s what you deal with all the time.


2) While taking selfies, you spend a loooooong time experimenting different angles so that your crooked teeth can’t be seen.

Although it’s almost impossible to hide the fact that you DO have crooked teeth.


3) But seriously, you end up smiling without your teeth.

Okay fine. I’ll just smile without showing my teeth.


4) The most tedious thing in your daily routine is to remove the food stuck in between your teeth.










Yikes, food particles just like to hide in all the hidden corners between those teeth…….. Sorry, you are destined to spend an hour flossing, all thanks to crooked teeth.


Of course… that’s not all.


5) Well meaning people try to help you but it sometimes make you feel even worse

“You know… you should totally visit a dentist and fix those teeth. You will look way prettier than you are right now!” says the very helpful relative of yours who just rubbed salt into your wound.



It’s not the end of the world having misaligned teeth. At i.Dental, we have treated over 10,000 patients who have gone through braces treatment and finally own a set of beautiful teeth and attractive smile! Start exploring braces treatment as a solution now.

Click here to book a consultation with our experienced dentists! If you are a student/NSF, we also have a student package for you. 

Just to let you know… if you are not ready to visit our dentists yet, you can also make use of our e-consultation tool. It’s completely FREE!!! Try it now!

Say Goodbye to Crooked Teeth with Braces!!!




The i.Dental Team

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