Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean and the build-up of excessive plaque on these teeth will result in higher likelihood of developing gum diseases and cavities. These wisdom teeth can put pressure onto other teeth and affect your teeth alignment or damage your molar teeth. Hence, after reaching a certain age, most people tend to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Treatment for

  • Wisdom teeth


  • Before the extraction, your dentist will anaethetize the area.
  • Your dentist will surgically expose the tooth and bone.
  • The tooth may need to be sectioned for removal before stitching the gums back.
  • Post treatment, you may experience temporary swelling and pain once the anaesthesia wears off.

Treatment time

  • 1 visit (not including consultation)
  • MC and downtime for surgical removal is 3-5 days


  • Fotona LightWalker® Laser System:  With LightWalker®, the incision process is typically shorter and more precise. It is also more comfortable for you because pain and bleeding are minimal if any.
  • Planmeca Cone Bean CT Scan (CBCT): With this 3D x-ray system, it allows for better treatment planning, avoiding vital structure like nerves.
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