Smilebrite Stain Removal Polishing

Healthy, white teeth are at the core of a perfect smile, but having uneven white blotches – especially on your front teeth – can be an unsightly view and undermine your self-confidence. Such enamel discolouration could signal tooth decay, excessive fluoride consumption (fluorosis) and hypomineralisation. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of these unruly white blotches through regular brushing, and whitening strips or at-home whitening system can do you more harm than good.

Treatment for

  • Discolouration of teeth (i.e. white or brown blotches) caused by fluorosis and other types of hypomineralisations
  • Better aesthetic outcome can be achieved when combined with teeth whitening treatment


  • Scaling and polishing to clean your teeth surface from tar tar and other deposits
  • Microabrasion to gently remove a thin layer of surface enamel. This will be done in a second appointment, where a specially formulated gel will be applied on teeth with aided polishing to remove the stains

Treatment Time

  • 2 visits (including consultation). First visit will comprise of consultation and regular scaling and polishing as preparatory work. Second visit to perform enamel microabrasion/ stain removal polishing.

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges are two commonly used techniques to restore or enhance your damaged or missing teeth.


Dental Whitening

Restore your sparkling teeth with dental whitening.