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Invisalign Dedicated Clinic

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Invisalign Dedicated Clinic

Appointed as the dedicated clinic for Invisalign, i.Dental makes it easy to have your dental needs met and perfect your smile!


1st & Only Black Diamond Provider in SG

We are the top provider in Singapore based on the number of cases we’ve treated.


Spirit of Enterprise

Dr. Cheng Eng Wah, honouree of the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2014 has been awarded for his outstanding business achievements & serves as an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs.



We believe in giving back to the society and is constantly on a lookout for causes & beneficiaries we can contribute towards.


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E-Consultation (Braces/Invisalign)

We understand that wearing braces/Invisalign is a long-term commitment that requires careful planning. You would definitely want to clear all your doubts first before making further decisions. If you are not yet ready to visit the dentist for an actual consultation or simply too busy to do so, you can hear directly from our dentists using our free e-consultation tool*.

Try out our complimentary e-consultation tool now! Your free braces/Invisalign e-consultation is only a few selfies and clicks away 😊

How to submit an e-consultation request:

1) Fill up the form on the right with your particulars
2) Take photos of yourself and your teeth as shown by the example and upload them. Photos should be in JPEG format not exceeding 150KB in size each.
3) Tell our dentists your concerns about your teeth.

We will be in touch within 48 hours upon receiving your request.
*i.Dental e-consultation tool is only for concerns regading braces and Invisalign treatment. Do note that this is only a very preliminary assessment of teeth conditions based on the photos submitted.

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